Quality & Environment

The organization of quality work is integrated in the company's other organization, and includes the Quality Policy, Quality Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.
We assure ourselves that we have the necessary permits and certificates and is working closely with our customers, employees and authorities to maintain and improve the quality.
The quality system is annually audited by NET - Nordisk Emballasjetesting AS http://www.net17025.com

Occupational safety
With a distinct and stated policy on that our goal of our business will be operated without harm to people, equipment or environment, we ensure that our employees receive the necessary instruction, training and management to maintain a healthy working environment.

Environmental impact of our activities
NCG-Noreko's objective is to contribute to the most environmentally friendly disposal possible of industrial packaging. We achieve this primarily by increasing the level of reuse, and secondly by increasing other types or recycling.

We provide an effective collection system in Norway and Sweden. The collection is handled in accordance with government laws and regulations intended to protect the environment, increase the reuse rate and facilitate the management of used packaging.

When receiving used packaging for reconditioning, it is natural that some fractions will be received that are not suitable for reuse. These are waste fractions, which we handle separately and in co-operation with certified business partners. We can therefore guarantee that all handling, transport and processing of these fractions take place in the most environmentally friendly manner.

By taking care of used packaging, we help our customers comply with environmental legislation worldwide and meet the objectives stated by the international responsible care initiative.